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Bionic Ninja (1986) - IMDb Top agents of the KGB and CIA battle to posses a startling new scientific discovery. Anyone know where I can get this movie?!? Bionic Ninja 1986 15 min MINI MOViE cut edition Bad Martial Arts. I have taken the full length 1986 Bionic Ninja movie and squished the best cheesy parts down into 15 minutes, just because! I've cut out whole subplots. Godfrey Ho - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A number of Ho's films were also later further re-edited by Joseph Lai into NINJA MYTH, a collection of 32 one-hour "Television Specials" released by IFD. Watch Free Kung-fu Movies: - Ninja movies Ninja movies . In the right hands, the discovery will create an end to famine and war. Bionic Ninja (1985) - Movie Reviews & Ratings - VideoHound's. Read critically. with the titles such as Bionic Ninja, Clash of the Ninjas,. "Sym-Bionic Titan" The Phantom Ninja (TV episode 2010) - IMDb Directed by Genndy Tartakovsky. With Kevin Thoms, Tara Strong, Brian Posehn, John DiMaggio. In the. List of ninja films - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Last Ninja (1983): TV movie pilot for proposed TV series (unrelated to the video game series).. Chinese Super Ninjas (1982) Views : 441.. . The Ninja Empire (1988

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